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The revision log 

           Eagle APP is a type of classic gaming software developed for the Android platform. Integrated with popular Android games and classic Simulator games, the Eagle Simulator perfectly supports FC、SFC、GBA、GBC、MD、N64、WSC、NDS、PSP and etc. Eagle App also provides free downloads to many kinds of Android games, such as: Shadow gun /Modern Combat4/Grand Theft Auto/ Riptide GP/Wild blood. Free download anytime, free play anytime! More convenient and efficient! It will take you back to the old classic games!


         Main features and Function: 

         1.Integrate most of the classic game simulators, such as FC、SFC、GBA、GBC、MD、N64、WSC、NDS, No need to install them one by one ! It can also support classic games console such as PS、MAME、ARCADEDC, etc.;

         2.One key to finish game installation: games run and operate easily, no need professional knowledge and complex operation. Each game parameters best optimized, easy to use and have more fun!;

         3.Easy to find your game: All games sorted by different games area, easy to find classic games. Save time, save labor! Freedom to play!;

         4.Massive game download quickly : Ten thousands of classic games can be freely played after verification,Ultra-high speed, multi-threaded download ! ;


         Essence recommended

      - More convenient to manage games, Gospel of download fans and Favorites fans.

       -Local gaming functions, Help you to build own games warehouse.

       - Comments and Sharing, Let your good friends share the good games timely.

       -One key to download, Mom and dad don’t need worry about my finger any more.

       -Support Abundant games console, such as home game console、Arcade game console and handheld game console. All classic games mega mix!     


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