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1、Why it’s not valid to input text when mobile phone connected with gamepad, only paste is valid?
After mobile phone connected with gamepad, gamepad is input device, if you need to input text on the mobile phone, which should be disconnected with gamepad.
2、Why virtual keys APK can’t use return key to exit the data connection?
The virtual keys APK should use disconnect option to quit.
3、How does gamepad correctly connect with mobile phone?
Turn on the Bluetooth of your device, press HOME key and switch Bluetooth to ON, loosen the HOME key when the Blue tooth indicator light quick flashing, click “EG001” on your mobile phone to pair and connect with gamepad.
4、How to rightly use memory connection function?
Memory connection function is only valid for the Android device paired with gamepad successfully and keep previous connection mode unchanged. In the conditions of Bluetooth turning on, when Gamepad connect
5、Under Gampad mode, game default only partial functions support gamepad, what shall we do?
Checking the games setting function to find user keys options to set it,if no user keys options, please use Touch mode(Android device need to get root), you can play games freely using our special virtual keys mapping APK software.
6、Under Touch mode, how to fix that not founding Bluetooth when device connect with gamepad again?
Quit the virtual keys mapping APK software, turn on the Bluetooth to pair and connect again.
7、After quit virtual keys mapping APK from the Touch mod
When the virtual keys APK exits, touch data quit at the same time.