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Shoot like Hell Size:4 Category: Action Version:World Language:English Download: Release:11/24/2014 4:12:06 AM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.2 and up Download Charges:Free

Game Description

Our Army man, Jack, is stuck in a dangerous city among deadly Zombies. This Zombie Smasher has to save himself until the help comes from the jets in air. As in the shoot and run like hell song.
Jets drop various types of arsenal like AK-47, Machine guns, assault rifle guns, shotguns. Various kinds of Zombies come in his way and his mission is to kill and destroy them and bring Jack back as a survivor.
Based on the number of kills, his expertise and stages augment and based on that new guns, arsenal and enemies are unleashed. Based on his stage he also sees health kits. By getting those health kits he recovers from injuries and keeps going and kicking their butts.
So here are your goals.
• Move left and right and find attackers.
• Kill with punch if you don’t have a gun at hand.
• Collect different types of arsenal.
• Kill enemies and zombies without getting hurt.
• Collect health packages to recover your health.
• Don’t forget to share your scores and achievement with your Facebook friends.
• With every increasing stage the difficulty increases and you get true thrill.
• You can call air strike help as well
• Collect money that zombies leave for you and then use them for underground arsenal market
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