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Marble Droid 2 Size:1 Category: Adventure Version:World Language:English Download: Release:10/22/2014 11:06:10 PM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.3.1 above Download Charges:Free

Game Description

The sequel to the hit mobile platformer Marble Droid is here!
Drop into the futuristic world of Marble Droid 2 reminiscent of the 80's, and pilot your droid through puzzles and skill based obstacles to complete stages. With 3 tiers of difficulty and mini games, Marble Droid 2 is easy to pick up and play, yet tough to master! Moving platforms, switches, teleporters and more await you in 20+ stages of varying difficulties. Great for all ages!


- Amazing 3D graphics with a retro, yet futuristic aesthetic
- Tons of content, 30+ levels to complete with more to come in updates
- Easy, Medium & Hard Tiers
- Moving Platforms, Switches, Teleporters, Bumpers, Boost pads, Gravity Switches and Spherical levels guarantee you've never experienced platforming like this on your mobile device!
- Collect orbs to spend on items and levels (if a level is too hard, you may skip it by using orbs to unlock the next level)
- Multiple Control settings. Supports game pads and keyboard controls!
- Mini-games
- 20+ Marble skins to unlock
- In game quality settings for the best performance on a number of devices
- Original, unique in-game soundtrack

Tags: Marble, Platformer, 3D, Marble Blast Ultra, Puzzle, Tron, Sci Fi, Futuristic, Neon, Lasers, Grid, Marble Blast, Retro, Challenge
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