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Black Tower Enigma Size:15 Category: Adventure Version:World Language:English Download: Release:10/31/2014 7:52:50 PM Format:apk Applicable:Android 2.3 and up Download Charges:Free

Game Description

Black Tower Enigma is a retro style riddle/puzzle fantasy adventure.

Here you play as Wigo, the orc, whose wife has been kidnapped and taken up to the skies by a magic dress gifted by a mysterious fairy.

As Wigo saw his wife going up to the skies he went to the tallest building known in the continent: The Black Tower Enigma.

Inside the Black Tower Enigma Wigo has to solve some riddles and challenges in order to climb up and find some clues to find his wife.


Each level is a small but elaborated challenge that will make the player use its intelligence and the ability to decipher the riddles in order to advance through the tower.

Also, Black Tower Enigma has an interesting background story which is enriched inside the huge library that is scattered in each level of the tower.


+ Elaborated riddles and hints along each level
+ Interesting story discovered along each level
+ Retro pixel art graphic style
+ Orchestral designed songs
+ Simple and intuitive gameplay

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