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BoxelBot Size:3 Category: Adventure Version:world Language:english Download: Release:11/10/2014 2:24:32 AM Format:apk Applicable:2.3.3 - 5.0 Download Charges:free

Game Description

BoxelBot is a tiny robot powered with PowerBoxes. Your mission is to help achieve three PowerBoxes per level. In order to complete a level you need to drive the robot to its SpacecraftBox.

BoxelBot is a 2D-Sprites classical platform, platforms, platformer style, inspired by the best Android games of this category, such as: League of Evil, Lep’s World, Fireman, Paper Monsters, and of course, the Super Mario. The scenes of BoxelBot are made of tiny Boxes just like BattleBlock Theater, Mr. Block, 2D Minecraft games. In these worlds BoxelBot needs to dodge particles, bullets, debris, sparks, bricks and explosions.

The game includes a level editor, that allows you to build your own missions, share and challenge your friends. Maybe your level could be included in our next update.

It is a new game and it could appear bugs, if you have problems with the game, please report us or send a email.

Enjoy BoxelBot
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