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Temple Survival Games Size:30 Category: Adventure Version:world Language:english Download: Release:11/12/2014 1:24:31 AM Format:apk Applicable:2.3.3 and up Download Charges:free

Game Description

Do you have what it takes to be the next great Temple Hunter? This survival game allows you to run through temples battling snipers, warriors, and mine bots.
You are now part of an elite special force of warriors that search ancient ruins and temples to rid them of the evil alliance strike force that has begun searching for hidden artifacts.
Do what you need to clean the levels of your foe, but be careful not to get to close to those mine bots, they will chase you down and self destruct in an effort to kill you.

***** Awesome Weapons ******
Use everything from crossbow to pickaxes to M16’s in your battle to dominate the block temple

***** Survival Campaign Mode ******
Can you survive against the elite block enemies as you battle your way through the temples? You can’t leave the level until you have killed all the enemies.

***** Fun Pickups ******
Interact with crates and destroy them to find out what is inside, collect Health Power-ups, Weapons, Ammo, and more!


*Amazing graphics
*Stunning Levels
*Different melee and fire weapons
*Extreme fun
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